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What Kind of Foot Do You Have?

Sit down on a chair with your feet resting on the floor. Look at the inside of your feet. Is your entire arch contacting the ground? Or is there a gap between your foot and the floor? How big is the gap? Now stand up. Look at your feet again. Has the position of your foot changed at all?

Most people begin with a moderate arch shape when they are sitting down, so that there is about a 1-2 cm gap in height between the peak of the arch in their foot, and the floor. This is a normal foot position. When you stand up, the arch should collapse slightly down and inward (approx. 1/3 the distance).Normal Foot & Pronation

This movement is called pronation. Pronation is a combination of events, which are naturally supposed to occur. It allows for cushioning and shock absorption to take place in your feet, preventing other joints of the body from injury. We will classify people with a normal amount of pronation in the ‘neutral' group.

A large portion of the population have more than the required amount of foot collapse when they stand up (1/2 way or more). We call this group ‘over-pronators'. This excess collapse can contribute to various aches and pains throughout the feet, knees, and even up into the lower back.

The final group is called ‘under-pronators'. Under-pronators are characterized by a high arch when they are sitting down, with very little, or no collapse upon standing up.

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