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Comfort through Technology: Reducing Your Risk of Injury...

Get access to technology that only professional athletics have had before. See how Kintec Footlabs uses the latest technology to ensure that you will remain injury free and active for years to come.

InCAP Intelligent Digital Video Motion Capture System:

Kintec Footlabs' New InCAP System lets their Human Kinetic Specialists accurately see how your feet and your shoes are working, step-by-step, frame-by-frame. Using the latest in Digital Video technology, this system revolutionizes how you buy shoes forever! You will see your results LIVE!

In a few short minutes, compare different pairs of shoes on-screen, see how they work with your body, and let the experts pick the best pair for your body! Do not compromise for everything but THE BEST for your body.

All Kintec customers benefit from this system at no extra charge! They are the only company in the Lower Mainland with this advanced system.

Interested in learning more or trying out the system? Visit any of the five Kintec Footlabs locations today!

Movie Icon  Watch a video on this revolutionary system. It is 2 minutes well spent!

InCAP Quad view


F-Scan In-Shoe Pressure and Force Analyis System

The F-Scan system provides advanced, yet simple to use software for stunning displays and informative graphs that are instantly accessible, easy to read, and ready to be interpreted.

The system uses paper-thin reusable sensors that are placed within your shoes. This system instantly detects, displays, and records any points of potential ulceration while you walk normally, allowing Kintec's Human Kinetic specialists to make the appropriate recommendations immediately.

Important information if you have Diabetes: The F-Scan system is especially important if you have Diabetes as Peripheral Neuropathy can reduce your ability to feel any potential problems. Pressure points and other high risk areas can be anticipated and alleviated immediately!

F-Scan is already used in all of Kintec's custom orthotic assesstment sessions.

Interested in learning more or trying out the system? Visit any of the five Kintec Footlabs locations today!

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Fscan 1

InCAP Intelligent Digital Video Motion Capture System

F-Scan In-Shoe Pressure Analysis System